Frequently Asked Questions?

We let you scale fast with instant access to the best editors. Plus the flexibility to scale up or down as needed.

Good luck finding a great senior editor in the US. Even if you do, they'll cost you $100,000 plus benefits.

We give you the world's best animators for a fraction of the price, overnight.

This depends on many factors - organization, graphic-level, etc. But our team is the fastest in the industry.

Expect a highly polished, 1 minute ad to take 4 days. But don't be surprised if it takes a month to finish the revisions you have.

Once you start working with your editor, you’ll get a good sense for each other’s workflow and speed. You can dial things in from there.

We're quality over quantity people.

8 hours a day.
5 days a week.
Indian Standard Time.

leave the notes on Slack before you sleep, the edit should be done when you wake up :)
If not, we can definitely have custom adjustments made for you.

On average, most projects are done in just two days or less.

More complex projects can take longer.

This will depend on the amount of footage to sift through, level of graphics needed, and any revision requests.

Impossible 🤪

But if so, just Slack your account manager.

We’ll help fix the issue, switch your editor, or cancel your subscription.